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Case Studies

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Niche is reinventing social media by reorganizing users’ social networks into interest-based clubs that are owned by members.

Niche has a stellar founding team.

  • Chris, CEO, is a strong product leader having co-founded Tinder, and later on leading product as the CPO of Bumble. Both of these apps are extremely successful in their UX and user engagement.

  • Zaven, CTO, was previously at Facebook for over nine years, managing a cross-functional team of more than 60 people in the Community Help team, which was responsible for social good, community integrity, and misinformation work. The ethos will likely translate well into the groups of individuals and communities who would be potential adopters of Niche.


case (2).png

AAA quality open metaverse with a post-apocalyptic background story; multi layer in-game economy introducing a level of complexity unseen in existing blockchain games; a DAO based governance to allow staking and empowering of NFTs even from outside of the game (i.e. Punks from ETH). Built by a world class team of entrepreneurs, who created “Rage Comic” (暴走漫画),one of the most iconic UGC platforms in China, amassing a total viewership of 10 billion over the last decade, and led two successful exits via project acquisition by Autodesk and Netflix for over $80M in Canada

MetaWeb incubated the project and co-led the 1st round with the investment division of the largest crypto exchange in the world. Above.Land later was able to raise additional rounds from some of the most known investors in Web2 and Web3.

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A permissionless, modular, and orderbook-based protocol that brings high throughput, low latency, low fees, tight spreads and composability for DeFi builders. Orderly was originally co designed by NEAR’s founder Illia and the Woo’s leadership team. Orderly aims to offer CEX-like performance and depth, with an innovative community pool design. Orderly, as an infrastructure, also aims to empower other apps on NEAR, such as derivative dex, AMM based dex, lending protocols, and more.

Orderly raised a total of $20m USD from Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Sequoia China, Jump Crypto, Alameda Research, GSR, MetaWeb, as well as a group of strategic partners.

case (4).png

Sender Wallet is the leading browser extension wallet on NEAR, built by imToken’s (largest ETH mobile wallet) ex-COO. MetaWeb incubated the team and co-led the seed round with Binance Labs.

Sender made the following improvements over the original NEAR Wallet (which will be retired soon and transitioned into a decentralized wallet connector page).

  • In-app swaps, staking, and deep integration with key projects like USN

  • private key encrypted storage

  • double-checking of signature operations

  • custom RPC interface delete and backup wallets

  • mobile wallet (in progress) multichain support (in progress)

Sender will launch a mobile app and multichain EVM support (with a priority on Aurora).


Cornerstone is an infrastructure layer that functions as both an ecosystem index fund and a metagovernance hub of NEAR and Aurora. It accrues mainstream assets, such as NEAR, Aurora and USN, as well as the governance tokens of top Dapp protocols in its treasury. Cornerstone enables its users to govern and capture value across the entire ecosystem with just one token, $CORN, simplifying the onchain experience for users.

Built by core contributors of NEAR Protocol, with advisors such as Illia Polosukhin (founder of NEAR), Alex Shevchenko (founder of Aurora), Louis Liu (founder of Octopus), Amos Zhang (founder of MetaWeb), Kendall Cole (founder of Proximity Labs), Evgeny Kuzyakov (core engineer of NEAR and ICPC Gold Medalist), and Matt Lockyer (invetor of ERC-998). Cornerstone aims to become the metagovernance hub of NEAR, partnering with Aurora, Orderly, Octopus Network and more.

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