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Niche is at the forefront of transforming social media with its innovative platform based on DAOs. By leveraging blockchain technology, Niche aims to revolutionize the social media landscape, fostering a more engaged community and unlocking novel use cases for users.

CEO Chris, a co-founder of Tinder and former CPO at Bumble, brings invaluable experience in creating successful social platforms. Meanwhile, CTO Zaven's extensive nine-year tenure leading a cross-functional team at Facebook adds a wealth of technical expertise to the company


MetaWeb has been a dedicated partner in Niche's journey, providing extensive support in marketing, business development, and product strategy. Our collaborative efforts have been instrumental in propelling Niche to success, culminating in the successful closing of their second round of fundraising.

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Above.Land is the cutting-edge open metaverse, delivering an AAA-quality experience with a captivating post-apocalyptic background story. Its multi-layer in-game economy introduces an unparalleled level of complexity, setting new standards for blockchain games. With a DAO-based governance system, players can stake and empower NFTs even from outside the game, like Punks from ETH. 

Led by a world-class team of entrepreneurs, who created the iconic UGC platform "Rage Comic" (暴走漫画) in China, amassing over 10 billion viewers over the last decade. The team has previously achieved two successful exits through project acquisitions by Autodesk and Netflix in Canada, amounting to over $80M.

MetaWeb's incubation and co-designed tokenomics and blockchain architecture were pivotal in shaping Above.Land's success. Additionally, our strategic fundraising approach led to a groundbreaking $20M+ round, backed by Binance Labs, MetaWeb Ventures, Sequoia, Sk9, Spartan, Jump, and other prominent investors.


A permissionless, modular, and orderbook-based protocol that brings high throughput, low latency, low fees, tight spreads and composability for DeFi builders. Orderly was originally co-designed by NEAR’s founder Illia and the Woo’s leadership team. Orderly aims to offer CEX-like performance and depth, with an innovative community pool design. Orderly, as an infrastructure, also aims to empower other apps on NEAR, such as derivative dex, AMM based dex, lending protocols, and more.

Orderly raised a total of $20m USD from Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Sequoia China, Jump Crypto, Alameda Research, GSR, MetaWeb, as well as a group of strategic partners.

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Sender Wallet stands as the preeminent wallet on the NEAR blockchain, crafted by the former COO of imToken, the largest mobile wallet for Ethereum.  MetaWeb played a pivotal role in incubating the Sender team and providing comprehensive support across product development, marketing, and business expansion. 

Backed by prominent investors, Sender has raised over $4 million from leading entities like Pantera, Binance Labs, Woo, SevenX, and more. With its solid foundation and strategic guidance from Lit Tech, Sender Wallet is set to drive innovation and adoption within the NEAR ecosystem, spearheading a new era of decentralized finance and blockchain interactions.

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