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NEAR Ecosystem - Compatibility for all Developers


NEAR (Native Runtime)

Open Web Platform


  • Infinitely scalable and easy to use.

  • Users don’t have to deal with tokens, private keys, paying gas fees, etc

  • Bridging users of today’s Internet to the blockchain-based web of the future

Octopus Network (Substrate)

AppChain Network


  • Flexible leased security

  • 100x cheaper to launch an appchain

  • Built for Substrate/Polkadot developers and users

Aurora (EVM runtime)

ETH Layer 2


  • Designed for existing ETH users & dev, DeFi projects

  • Base token is ETH; high compatibility

  • The only L2 that supports sharding




Multichain Assets &  Fast Migration

Trustless multichain bridging via NEAR’s Rainbow Bridge

Fast deployment of EVM Dapp via Aurora and Substrate based appchains via Octopus

Interoperable ecosystems on NEAR powers scalable, flexible, and low-cost development


Upside Potential

NEAR is the best suited technology to build blockchain applications for mainstream adoption

NEAR ecosystem is still at an early stage, with plenty of opportunities in DeFi, gaming, social apps, NFT, and more


Built for the Long Haul

NEAR has the strongest technical team in the space with over 100 full time contributors across 10 countries, all of whom share vested interest to ensure continuous commitment into developing and iterating the protocol

There are multiple companies and organizations across the world such as NEAR Foundation, NEAR Inc, Lit.Tech, Satori, Proximity Labs, etc., all devoted to accelerating NEAR ecosystem growth


Ecosystem health

On-chain data shows daily number of transactions on NEAR have seen rapid and steady growth since the launch of its mainnet.


Currently, there are more than 1.3M accounts on NEAR’s mainnet and still growing fast 

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