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We are a crypto-native investment  research team consisting of crypto veterans who are pioneers of the industry, experienced engineers, serial entrepreneurs, and graduates from top research universities and institutions.

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Meet The Team


Amos Zhang


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As a founder/executive at VC backed startups, Amos worked on public chains, enterprise blockchain, and SaaS products. Amos has assumed multiple leadership roles across product, marketing, and sales. engaged with a dozen Fortune 500 companies, as well as some of the largest crypto projects in the world. At NEAR Protocol, Amos was both the Head of Global Marketing and GM of Asia. 

Amos earned a BA in Economics and a MS in Engineering from Brown University.

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Dani Osorio


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Dani has spent 15+ years at high-growth startups, enterprises, and blockchain.  Previously, she was the Head of Developer Ecosystem at NEAR Protocol and an Executive Director at Infura & ConsenSys. Dani is also the Head of Content for EthDenver and a board member of SporkDAO. 

Dani graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Comparative Literature and Sociology.


Tim Wang


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Tim brings years of experience from TradFi through investment banking, private equity, and venture capital.


Tim onboarded into web3 through NFTs and is interested in DeFi, NFTs, on-chain and off-chain data, and crypto infrastructure, and believes that there will be a whole ecosystem of protocols and dapps built at the intersection of web2 and web3.

Tim earned a BA in Economics from Yale University.


Vincent Pun

Director, Portfolio Development

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Vincent worked in tech investment banking at Citigroup, advising world-leading tech companies in M&A and IPO transactions, and moved to WeBank (the leading digital bank in China) managing capital markets and strategic development responsibilities.

Vincent earned a BA in Applied Mathematics-Economics from Brown University.


Chuan Tian

Venture Partner

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An serial entrepreneur with strong media and partnership background. Chaosmos founded crypto startups in lending and media. Prior to that, he worked at FBG Capital as Head of Marketing, and at CoinDesk as Head of China.

Chaosmos graduated from Columbia University with a M.Sc. in Journalism.

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Stanley He

Head of Research

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Stanley is a research analyst and product manager, focusing on economic mechanisms and on-chain data analytics. He worked as a data scientist and strategy consultant before joining MetaWeb. He holds Bachelor of Social Science in Politics from the University of Hong Kong and M.Sc. from the University of Chicago.


Robert Yan

Due Diligence

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Robert is a full-stack developer with over 11 years of experience.  Before joining NEAR and MetaWeb, Robert worked as an Engineering Director at MicroStrategy, and contributed to open source projects such as Ethereum and Steem.

He graduated from Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University with a major in Computer Science.


Daniel Wang

Due Diligence

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Daniel has over 5 years of experience developing big data and distributed systems. Previously, Daniel co-founded a VC backed startup as the CTO, and priort to that, he worked as an engineer at Salesforce and Gilt.

He graduated with B.S. in Computer Science from Fudan University and M.Sc in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.


Maria Ma

Business Operations

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Maria has a strong operations and investment background. She was previously the Head of Business Operations at MYKEY and EOS Cannon. Prior to crypto, she worked as an analyst in a early stage VC in China.Maria graduated from NWPU with a master's degree in Management. 

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Technical Advisors


Illia Polosukhin

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Co-Founder of NEAR

Ex-engineering manager @ Google and major TensorFlow contributor 

Author of multiple impactful research papers on artificial intelligence and distributed systems 


Matt Lockyer

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Co-Founder of Satori

UX researcher and full-stack developer, Ph.D. computer science lecturer, inventor of the Ethereum ERC-998 standard for composable Tokens 

Published in a16z's crypto canon reading list


Evgeny Kuzyakov

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Co-founder of Proximity Labs

Core developer at NEAR 
ICPC gold medalist (2008) 
Former Google and Facebook engineer

Deep research experience in DeFi, machine learning, and blockchain


Yajin Zhou

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Founder and CEO of BlockSec


C.S.Professor at Zhejiang University, one of the most quoted researchers in the field of software security, operating systems security, and smart contract security 

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